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(Version 1.2 dated April 22nd, 2013).
If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you may not then use our online content and must refrain from entering our website.

1. General
The ListJobSites online content is a publication of Netzmarkt, with a registered office at Erlangen in Bavaria, Germany. It is assumed that visitors (hereafter referred to as users) completely accept the following terms and conditions for the use of all internet services of Netzmarkt. Further, certain additional and/or deviating clauses can come into effect for the use of certain services or service features. You are referred to those clauses even before you attempt to use the relevant service or service features. If you use this website, you acknowledge the validity of these terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you may not then use our online content and must refrain from entering our website.
2. Conditional Performance of our Internet Services
If the user takes advantage of this online content without paying anything to Netzmarkt, they automatically renounce any performance liability against Netzmarkt. Netzmarkt reserves the right to alter, delete, or expand all unpaid services or performances of duties, entirely or partially, at will and without prior notice. Consequently, users on their part cannot lay any claim on the utilization or availability of the service or certain service features so long as they have not entered into a legally binding written contract with Netzmarkt in which Netzmarkt guarantees them the provision of certain services for a fee.
3. Delays in Performance of Duties
Netzmarkt compensates the user for certain losses/claims arising out of delays in performing contractually promised duties up to the maximum extent of payments made by them in the last 24 months to Netzmarkt, prior to the occurrence of such delays in duties for which they have already made payments to Netzmarkt.
4. Liability
Netzmarkt does not guarantee any information transmitted via its infrastructure, in particular, its completeness, correctness, or relevance; nor are these free and clear of third party rights. Liability claims against Netzmarkt, caused by the use of the offered contents (due to defective or incomplete information), are in principle excluded if no proof or intentional negligence exists on the part of Netzmarkt. This applies to possible consequential damages caused to the user while taking advantage of this internet offer. The security in data networks, in which Netzmarkt publishes the online contents, is restricted. Consequently, Netzmarkt will not accept any liability for errors and disturbances that exist in the system itself or in other systems of participants or in the user’s internal system. They should therefore abstain from asserting any claims that have their legal ground outside of disturbances attributable to one of the parties of the agreed performance duties of Netzmarkt. In particular, the user should abstain from asserting any claims that are caused by the so-called computer viruses like Trojans. From the aforementioned liability limitations, the regulations according to section 309 No. 7 (liability in the event of injury to life, body, health and due to gross negligence) and No. 8 BGB (other liability due to failure in performance of duty) remain intact.
5. Links/References to other Websites
Netzmarkt is not responsible for hyperlinks on ListJobSites websites that refer to third party websites. Further, Netzmarkt dissociates itself from all online content belonging to third parties. The user should irrevocably abstain from making Netzmarkt liable for illegal, misleading, defective, or incomplete content of linked websites (and/or for damages that may be attributed to them).
6. Copyrights and Trademarks
All copyrights and trademarks belong to the respective owners and are mentioned on our internet website solely for information purposes. The mere mention of a registered trademark should not lead to the conclusion that it is not protected by third party rights.
7. Protected contents
This internet offer including all its parts (as also the underlying databases) is copyrighted and is solely meant for individual, private use. Any use going beyond that, especially the inclusion into an intranet or internet offer constitutes a breach of rights, which will result in liability for payment of compensation. Any commercial use of the contents, data, or web design features is inadmissible without the written approval of Netzmarkt. This applies especially to duplications by copying, translations, and also to storage or processing in electronic systems.
8. Exclusion of Guarantee
The use of this internet offer is carried out at the sole risk of the user. The services or service features found in each case to be suitable by Netzmarkt are offered subject to availability. Netzmarkt does not guarantee that the services/service features are available always without interruption, free of faults, and in a timely and reliable manner. In particular, Netzmarkt does not guarantee the correctness and reliability of the information received via this internet offer or for the quality of goods, services, or information received in connection with this internet offer. Also, Netzmarkt does not guarantee that the online contents correspond to expectations of users. Downloading and other receipt of contents in connection with this internet offer may take place at the users own risk. Users alone are responsible for damages to their computer system or other technical devices, for the loss of data, or for other damages due to downloading of contents or other transactions in connection with this internet offer. Suggestions the user receives in the context of this internet offer do not justify any guarantee from Netzmarkt unless previously agreed upon by contract.
9. Severability Clause
If individual clauses of these terms and conditions do not correspond to existing laws, the remaining clauses remain unaffected by them. Ineffective clauses would be replaced, if possible, by those that are effective in order to comply with the desired economic and/or legal goals.