Privacy Policy

We, Netzmarkt Internetservice GmbH Co. KG, the operating company of this website, are pleased to learn about your visit to ListJobSites and your interest in our online services. Data Protection and Data Security are important to us; therefore, we are especially interested in the protection of your personal information.

We protect your personal data on the basis of existing German laws like the Federal Data Protection Law, the Information Service Law, the Communication Service Law, and the TeleService Data Protection Law.

This statement on Data Protection declares the kind of data we gather during your visit to our site and how it is utilized. Our Data Protection Declaration is applicable solely to our own web pages and not for third party web pages, even if we keep links to them on our website.

We will ask you for your explicit agreement, if we need your data for any particular purpose. You can always revoke an agreement for future use of your data by us.

We treat your personal data entrusted to us with the highest possible care.

We hope that the information given above allows you to trust us with your personal information whenever you use our services.

Log Data
Basically you can use our website without recording any prior information about yourself. When using our services, certain data is automatically stored in our “log files” like the protocols of the web page accessed on our website, technical details such as date and time, the IP address of your computer, the URL of the retrieved web page, the name of the browser used for the access, the units of transmitted bytes, errors in transmissions, etc.
Cookies are files that are stored on the hard disk of your computer and facilitate the easy operation of our web pages. We use Cookies because they help avoid repeated entry of required data.

You can decide whether you want to store “cookies” or not and adjust your web browser accordingly. In some specific cases, however, you cannot use certain services without activating “cookies” in your browser.

Data from Communication with You
If you send an email or message to us, we store these messages in order to process your enquiries, to answer questions and to improve our services.
Data Transmission to Third Parties
We transmit your personal data to third parties only if one or more of these terms are met:

  1. You have granted us permission for that transmission
  2. The data transmission is necessary for availing our services
  3. You want to use the services of an independent business partner
  4. You have to fulfill a statutory obligation
  5. Police force or criminal court authorities need your personal data for lawful execution of their duties

You can always revoke an earlier agreement any time you want.

We are allowed to transmit and publish non-personal data like the number of users, the number of clicks on a sales-related public message, and such information to third parties. This kind of data does not reveal the identity of the actual individual.

Utilization of Personal Data
We process personal data only for its required purpose. In addition, we use your data for the following purposes:

  • for preparation of our products and services including individual contents and publicity messages
  • for tests, research and analysis to sustain, protect and improve the stability and performance of our services
  • for the control and improvement of the technical functioning of our network
  • for the development of new services

You can get additional information on how we process personal data in the corresponding Data Protection guidelines for individual services.

We process personal data on our own servers in Germany and other countries. In many cases, we process your personal data on a server outside of your home country.

Protection of Personal Data
We use appropriate security measures for protection from unauthorized persons so that they cannot access or alter, transmit or destroy your personal information. These measures include, among other things, internal tests relating to data acquisition, data storage and data processing as well as special security measures for protection from unauthorized access to systems in which we store personal data of our users.

In addition, we restrict access of your personal data to our employees, contractors, assistants and our representatives who use it for development and improvement of our services and business. These persons are subject to special confidentiality obligations. If they violate them, they face consequences such as employment-related legal sanctions, including termination of employment as well as criminal proceedings.

Data Integrity
Netzmarkt processes personal information only for its required purpose, in accordance with existing Data Protection Laws and/or the Data Protection Declaration applicable for certain services. We test our own practices of data acquisition, data storage and data processing in order to guarantee that we collect only the personal data that we need to sustain and improve our services. We undertake appropriate measures to guarantee that the personal data that we process is correct, complete and current, for which we rely on our users who are expected to regularly update and/or correct their personal data.
Data Deletion
If your data is no longer required for the aforementioned purposes, we delete it. Please note that in every deletion, the data is only initially blocked and finally deleted to prevent mistaken deletions. For technical reasons, we usually duplicate the data for securing data files and mirror services. These copies are also deleted after a period of time.
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If you would like further information about what kind of personal information we store, would like to revoke permission for data usage, or have questions concerning Netzmarkt’s data protection, please feel free to write to us at:

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91052 Erlangen/Germany